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Fundamentals of Engineering- Graduate Assistantship (8594442)

Primary Responsibilities of a Graduate TEACHING Assistant
**Pass English Speak test**
• Your time commitment is expected to be up to 20 clock hours per week, on average, as scheduled by your supervisor in consultation with you. In general, these responsibilities are to be carried out throughout the semester of appointment, including times when classes are not in session including University breaks, but not including days when the University is closed.
• Typical assigned duties for a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Statler College FEP include combinations of the following:
Ø Teaching section(s) of FEP ENGR courses and ENGR labs per semester
Ø Monitoring, maintaining and scheduling use of FEP laboratory spaces
Ø Working as a tutor in the Eugene V. Cilento Engineering Learning Center (ELC)
Ø Assist faculty members as needed and requested
Ø Schedule teaching observations as needed
Ø Assisting in sections(s) of FEP ENGR courses with classroom instruction, exams, record keeping, and other miscellaneous projects.
Ø Presenting your research or topics relevant to student success to students in FEP Out of Class Experience (OCE) activities
Ø Maintaining a supervisory role in the ELC during working hours
Ø Leading weekly reviews or group study sessions in MATH, CHEM, or FEP ENGR courses for FEP students
Ø Serving as an Academic Success Coach with responsibility to FEP students on academic probation
Ø Maintain and update Inventory in the FEP Labs.
Ø Review labs on a regular basis to make sure items are put away and lab is in clean and good working order.
Ø Communicate with students in a timely positive fashion through accepted communication and WVU systems such as Blackboard, eCampus and the like
Ø Set and maintain regular office hours for student success
Ø Other duties as assigned.
• In addition, you will be expected to:
Ø Provide a typical schedule for when you plan to work in the office or remote
Ø When your schedule fluctuates, inform your supervisor of any changes and put any planned days off on the Internal Office calendar.
Ø Attend meetings, as directed
Ø Work during times when classes are not in session (Welcome Week, EngineerFEST, MidYear Academy, Academic Day, Aces, etc.). Certain events may be mandatory.
Ø Keep your shared office space workstation and area clean, removing trash on a weekly or as needed basis
Ø Register for ENGR 590, Teaching Practicum (1-3 credit hours) if you are teaching an FEP (ENGR) class during that semester